Monday, April 02, 2007

Pass the Potty

Last night Sidney swallowed a nickel. At least, he said he swallowed it and he said it was the 'medium' coin, the same color as a dime, so it must be a nickel. He maintains that he didn't put it in his mouth but that it somehow fell in. That was last night after I put him to bed. Not even ten minutes later he came downstair crying about swallowing this money. This morning we stuffed him with all kinds of fruits. He didn't pass the nickel this morning, although he did do a #2 and I had the glamorous job of checking it. He's spending the day at his grandma's house in hopes that sometime today the coin will appear. We packed him with a potty and I'm sure she has some plastic bags she can line it with. The pediatrician said we're doing the right thing. Of course, if he experiences any pain, etc., or if it doesn't turn up in the next two days then he needs to see a doctor.

Besides all that excitement yesterday Sid and Shelb went to a birthday party in the park. Sid spent at least 90% of the time in the bounce house. At one point some kid must have pushed him and I heard him screaming. I went over to the bounce house just in time to see him with tears running from his eyes and both an angry and upset look on his face, as he pulled the guy down and proceeded to punch him in the back! I don't think I have EVER seen him that angry. I told him to stop and asked him what happened. He said the boy pushed him. The boy said he pushed him soft. Now this boy he was about to pummel had to be six years old, judging by his size cause he was quite a bit bigger than Sid. His father and I told him to come out and the mother of the other boy told him to come out as well. We calmed him down and everything was fine after that. A bit later I talked to him about it again. I told him he shouldn't try to hurt people whenever they hurt him, but I felt lame saying it. How do you teach a kid to stand up for himself but at the same time not to inflict hurt on another person?? Sid used to cry and not do anything when people bothered him before. He's obviously not like that now - and I'm glad. But still I don't want him to become a vindictive type of person or feel he can or should use violence to even a score. That was the only incident the whole time we were there. I saw the other boy a bit later whining about something else.

As usual, I don't know.


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that is an interesting dilema.

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