Monday, February 19, 2007

Spiderman Visit

My mother paid Spiderman to visit Sid yesterday. When he knocked on the door we told Sid to go answer it. When he did, of course, he was surprised and he shyly retreated to my mother's skirt. He brought animals and face paint (see pix below). I think he enjoyed the whole experience but it was pretty funny. Spiderman was played by a Hispanic woman with a heavy accent and a washed out, saggy costume.
Sid and Spiderman
Daddy had to get his face painted first before Sid would allow the guy to touch him.
Sid and his Spiderman sword and a big ole rabbit.
Sid and some birds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol @ Spiderman was played by a Hispanc woman with a heavy accent... The face painting looks real good though!

Happy belated birthday to Sidney. I always mean to do/send something, but never get around to actually sending it. Some friend I am.

1:10 PM  

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