Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Sid-man

Sidney is getting bigger and bigger! He'll be six in February (February 17, in fact, in case you want to send a gift). :) He's taller and leaner and more active than ever, as if I thought that was even possible. The only times he can sit still is if something interesting is on the television, or more importantly, if he can play games on the laptop. I told him to tell his grandmother that he needs his own computer. Every day now all he wants to do is go online - cartoonnetwork, overthehedgemovie, jadatoys, etc. - or play one of his learning game DVDs that he has. I don't mind. In fact, I'm glad that he's so computer literate. (When Uncle G comes over he immediately starts asking for his iPhone.) I'm ever conscious though that he needs space and time to expend his energy. If only his little sister could keep up.

Yeah, so he's grown but he's still a joy to watch. His expressions are too funny. His choice of words sometimes is priceless. His independence is good and bad - he needs me still but not like before and certainly not as much. Last week he spent most of his days at his grandmother's. Last night he left with his grandfather so he could go on a day trip to the west coast (of FL) today.

He loves his sister and she loves him, which is great. I hope they stay close.

Sometimes I bathe him to make sure he's clean at least one day a week and that when I really notice the difference. He's taller and not so easy to move around. I remember when I used to bathe him in the sink!