Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why is he sitting atop my couch??
Updated Pic

STILL Not Potty Trained

This boy has worn pull-ups before, way back when he was excited about his new potty. That phase passed pretty quickly with Sid deciding it was too much effort to tell anyone in advance of when he needs the restroom. Recently one of his teachers asked me to start putting pull-ups on him again. She said that he uses the toilet at school. I hesitatingly agreed. See, with us, he still refuses to tell us when he has to use the bathroom. I've tried letting him run free for short periods of time, and he rarely goes without peeing on my bedroom floor. I figured that maybe he was missing the "feelings" of having to pee. Fine. But does he really not know when he needs to do #2?? Read this exchange that happened last night:

Me: Sidney, did you doo-doo?

Sid: No.

Me (more forcefully): Sidney. Did you doo-doo?

Sid: No.

(I take off the diaper and point to the load.)

Me: Sidney. Is that doo-doo?

Sid (saying with a straight face): It looks like it.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

So Grown

If I could tell you all the things my Sidney is up to you would shake your head. I can't even remember it all! Now, when I tell him to do something he tells me he doesn't want to do it. He's not belligerent, just simply tells me what he wants and / or doesn't want. He's grown in length. I love to hold him. Ok, so I always loved to hold him. He likes it when I gnaw on his ear and massage his arms and hands. He's knows what a PDA is and how to press 'Enter' when chatting with his grandma on MSN messenger. When we drive past the grocery store he asks me if we're going to stop and if not then why not, because Publix gives all kids a free cookie and he knows this. Recently he started asking, "Church again, mommy?" and "School again, mommy?" See, he recognizes the route. He enjoys watching Tailspin and cowboys on bulls and I can't forget Girlfriends. He doesn't like loud noises like thunder, but what kid does? He doesn't like getting wet if it's drizzling rain and his car window is open. He can carry his backpack on his back without falling over backwards now. He still won't go to Sabbath School by himself like he used to. These days, my mother (anyone he trusts, really) has to be with him. His articulation is amazing. He still mimics non-verbal sounds he hears and he does a darn good job of it too.

He'll be three next February.