Monday, February 19, 2007

Sid is Four Now

Sid's birthday was this past Saturday. He's been celebrating all weekend long. Friday his class sang Happy Birthday to him. Saturday they announced it in church so all day people kept coming up to him with well wishes. Saturday evening I picked up his birthday cake and ice cream and went back to church. I got a bunch of people together to sing to him and share in the celebration. He liked it. He had told me a few months ago that he wanted a party at church and that's what he got so he better be satisfied! :) Sunday Spiderman came to the house courtesy of Grandma Marie.
Spiderman bday cake
Sid cutting his cake

So what is Sid doing now that he's a big boy? Well, he's still trying to adjust to having Shelby at his school. These past two weeks I've gotten reports that he hasn't been listening to the teachers and a couple of times my mother stopped by the school and found him in timeout. I had a talk with him about good attention and bad attention. I'm making a concerted effort to give him the individual attention he's used to. What else? He still can't seem to sit still. He is always on the go and his voice is as loud as he is fast.


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That cake is adorable!

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