Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Sidney at school

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sid and His Sister

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Two Of Them

I'll admit it, This Sidney is a handsome little boy. He'll be a heartbreaker when he grows up. I know mothers tend to be partial to their own children, but even if he wasn't my son I would still think he's beautiful. Benthebald has a handsome boy also. I imagine the two of them in their late teens hanging out pulling all the girls. Sidney will be lighter skinned, average height, thick, football type one. Benthebald's son will be the chocolate skinned, tall, muscular, basketball playing type. What a pair they'll be!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

We used to live in a condo and there was one laundry room per floor. I remember the days of putting Sidney in the laundry basket and carrying him with me. I can't do that anymore. My Little Man almost three years old. Tonight after I put him to sleep I came downstairs only to be summoned back upstairs. This boy was calling me to scratch his back. Well, I admit didn't feel like it so I told him I'd scratch it after he went to sleep (which I would have). Probably 15 minutes later he calls me again saying, "Come on!" I looked at my husband and laughed and told him I had to go handle my business upstairs. Before I barely even started he told me, "No, under my shirt." "Sorry," I replied as I proceeded to do as I was told. I finally told him my arm was getting tired and I asked him if I could stop. He, of course, told me that I couldn't. But a few seconds later he told me, "Ok, you can stop now." Gee, thanks.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

So Concerned

I scratched my arm the other day and I showed Sidney.

"Look, Sid, I scratched my arm."


"Right here," I said as I showed him my booboo.

"You need to be careful.

I laughed.

"You can't run around all over the place," he finished.

Did I Do That?

Before we left out on our trip to Georgia, I thought I'd make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to munch on. When I went outside I thought, "Maybe Sid's hungry too," so I offered him a bite.

"Sid, you want a bit of my peanut butter sandwich?"

"Okay," he responded without hesitation and then toddled his way over to me and took the bite.

A few seconds later, maybe 10, he started to do his little cough-gagging thing he does when he doesn't like something. Then he really started gagging and trying to puke back up that ONE bite of peanut butter sandwich he took. Before I knew it he was throwing it up. I mean, it was coming out of his mouth and his nose. His father had to come and take over from me.

The ordeal was over pretty quickly and Sid was back to his normal self plus some watery eyes. See, I had completely forgotten that Sid does NOT like peanut butter! He forgot too, so you all can't blame me completely for trying to choke my child.