Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sid's Graduation - After the fact

Sid with his certificate and a flower for me.

Sid getting his certificate and medal.

Sid on stage not wanting to participate!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sid's profile while watching t.v.

Monday, May 16, 2005


My baby, my angel, my little man is growing up!! This Sunday he'll be graduating from daycare. That means in the fall he'll start preschool. Yay! You know what that means, right? It means Sunday night I'll be online posting the pictures for all the world to see!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

At the beach May 8
Me and My Scaredygoat
The Babies are eating

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Got His Goat

Last Saturday morning we drove to Naples for church. It was a beautiful day and the drive didn't seem to take as long as I thought it would. We got there in an hour and a half. My husband's aunt has a house out there on something like two acres of land. Her husband takes care of the pets - birds, dogs, cats, goat. That's where Sidney comes in. They had two baby goat that were only three weeks old. They were the cutest little goat you ever did see! But Sidney, boy, Sidney talked a lot of trash when the goat weren't heading in his direction, but as soon as one even just turned his head towards Sidney, Sidney was screaming. At one point he was playing with a stick, about a foot long, when one of the goats started walking up to him. He started screaming and staring at the goat and point the stick at him, I guess hoping to make him go away. Nothing phased that poor goat. After probably three seconds of wailing he dropped the stick and ran. We were there with those goats on and off for a couple of hours but it didn't help. If I held him and a goat walked up to me while I was standing, Sidney was squirming and crying. But as long as the goats were headed in a different direction he was fine. It was really quite funny.

Sid's Goat Experience - Note the leg grip!


Oh, Sid has this new thing now where in the middle of the night he'll crawl out of his bed and into mine. Last night he did it again. He crawled in right between me & K. That was fine until he decided he didn't want any of the sheets on him. I love sheets. K uses sheets. You can imagine with a restless kid in the middle fighting to get on top if the sheets that things wouldn't work out so well. It didn't. I put that kid out so fast! Nobody messes with my sheets!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's a setup

I do declare, that's what it feels like; like I'm setting him up. Everytime I show Sid affection I think of how much he's going to get to like it and probably require it from his girlfriends in the future. Here are some things I do:
* kiss him on the neck - boy, do I love kissing on his neck, sour or not
* kiss him just about everywhere else
* suck on his toes - he really finds this amusing
* nibble various body parts, e.g. tummy, sides, thigh, back
* suck on his ear - that sometimes puts him to sleep

Hey, I'm not trying to be weird. I just figured that if those things feel nice to me (albeit for different reasons) they'll probably feel nice to someone else.


Sid has some phonics tapes that he listens to. He's been listening to them for at least a month now. Every day when we get in the car, "I wanna hear teacher," and, "I want my book." So, I put on the first tape and give him his book and off we go. Yesterday while we were driving home I heard him talking to himself. "C. C-c-cat. D. D-d-dog." He went on like this for a bit choosing random letters of the alphabet and saying their sounds. Just to check, I asked what about the letters he missed. As I named them, he repeated their sounds plus a word that starts with that letter. What a smart guy. They tell me at the daycare almost every day how smart he is and how blessed I am. They don't have to do much convincing cause I see it for myself.


I had on some sparkly lip gloss the other day. Sidney noticed and he said, "You have stars on your yips." So sweet! I kissed his forehead all over and told him, "Sidney has stars on his forehead." He thought that was pretty funny as he denied it.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

You Know What?

Yes, Sidney is getting over a cold...again. I think that's the second or third cole in a month's time. This time he decided to share it - with me.