Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's a phase, right??

Sid doesn't seem to know when he needs to use the bathroom anymore until it's just about too late. Tuesday when I picked him up from school the front of his pants were wet - he didn't make to the bathroom in time. Wednesday his father got a school from the director saying that Sid was very upset that he peed in his pants again - he made it to the bathroom but the pee didn't make it to the toilet. Sid also said something about not wanting to go outside and play because he was embarassed. Hubby IM'd me and told me what happened. I packed up Shelby and zipped off to the daycare. I found Sid outside riding a bicycle. When I went up to him he told me that his pants were dry because he was riding the bike. Uhuh. I made him change into the dry clean clothes that I brought for him anyway. By the time we got home he practically ran to the front door telling me that he had to use the bathroom (he drank some water right before we left the school). Once again, he made it to the bathroom but the toilet was empty while the floor was wet. Poor baby was upset. His grandma happened to be around at that time and she told him it was ok, that accidents happen. Is this some sort of regression that he's going through or maybe a subconscious plea for attention??
Tuesday Sid was the last kid to be picked up from school. All the other kids were gone 20 minutes before I got there. The funny thing is that Sid told his teacher that "No one is picking me up so I have to play." Makes sense to me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sid is doing very well adjusting to the presence of his new little sister. The other night when she was crying while he was watching one of his movies he reached over and started rubbing her back!

I try to make sure we have time that I can focus only on him, and I least keep up with the level of affection he received before Shelby came. I still call him My Sweetheart and I tell him I love him. The past two Saturday nights while everyone was at church, we watched a couple of his movies together while eating popcorn and snacks. Yes, baby was there too but she was asleep most of the time.

He is so smart, my baby. He remembers things and puts things together in mind fairly quickly. One day last week he and I were home with my mother and Shelby, and I had to run to the store to pick up a few things. Sid was watching his movie and I asked him if he wanted to go with me. At first he said no but he quickly switched to yes when he remembered that the grocery store bakery gives out free cookies. I told him to get ready so he jumped off the bed...and stopped. He was still into his movie. As I got ready I had to keep reminding him to get himself ready because he would stop every so often to see what was on the tv. I went downstairs and he followed. He was supposed to put on his sandals but he never did. He became involved in what my mother was watching. I must have told him, with increasing sternness, at least four more times to put his shoes on otherwise I would leave. Of course you know what happened - he didn't put his shoes on so he got left. He came screaming barefooted towards the front door as I was closing it. I made sure his fingers wouldn't get jammed and I closed the door. Poor, poor baby. The store is only a few miles from my house but before I was even halfway there I got a call from my mother telling me to come back for him. Uh, no. She kept telling me to come back and I kept saying no. After we hung up I knew I would hear about it later. Anyway, the point is that the next evening Sid made sure to tell me that he would pay attention and listen to me now.

I wonder if most kids are like him or if he's above average. His teacher says he grasps things very quickly but that he gets distracted easily. You don't say. I'll assume he's above average. :)

Well, I know pictures are always in order so maybe I'll take some this evening.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Being a Big Brother

Ready For The Corporate World?