Friday, December 30, 2005

Sid's latest haircut experience

Sid before his haircut

Sid before the cut, from the side

Halfway through the cut

Doing touchups

Still doing touchups

Finished product

Friday, December 23, 2005

What a Cool Cat

A couple nights ago a friend of mine and his brother came over to help my husband fix a computer. Sid was bouncing off the walls. I was sitting on the couch and I told him to calm down, which he didn't. My friend stood up (he's a little bigger than my football player physique husband) and he started to remove his belt while asking Sid if he was going to calm down. I watched the whole thing unfold. This big man standing over my little son who stood less than a foot away from me and my husband sitting on the other couch across the way not paying any mind. Now, I knew my friend wasn't going to do anything but Sid certainly didn't. He told my friend, "You don't have to take your belt off. I'll just relax." My friend asked him if he was sure. Sid replied that yes he was sure and he repeated that he would "just relax."

If this boy doesn't have sense!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My husbad has this habit of stretching his arm across to my headrest when he's driving that bothers Sid because K's arms ends up blocking his view. Tonight was no different. K reached across and started playing in my hair. Sid said, "Excuse me, daddy." K moved his arm and I complained that my husband was playing in my hair. Sid then said, "It's not a toy."

Friday, December 02, 2005

Time for an Audioblog

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I was dreading this day but it wasn't so bad and Sid took it better than I did but maybe it's because he didn't know any better.

Sidney's school was asking for an updated blue sheet. For those of you who may not know, the blue sheet lets the school know that the child's immunizations are up to date. I didn't want to take him. I hate watching him get shots. And he's so big now I know I couldn't manage him if I had to. So, I made his father come with us (like last time). I had been preparting Sidney for his visit from last night. I told him we're going to the doctor in the morning. I told him all what the doctor would do (I couldn't bring myself to tell him the nurse was going to give him a needle). I looked in his eyes, ears, made him open his mouth wide, I rubbed his neck and squeezed his belly. This morning, the boy was so prepared. He didn't put up a fight. I didn't know they would be "checking his hemoglobin" = "pricking his finger" but they did and he watched and don't even think he flinched (unlike myself). Then the doctor did everything I said he would and then some. He took it like a champ. Until the doctor opened his diaper. He didn't freak out, he merely politely asked the doctor, "Why you open my diaper?" My mouth dropped open and we all laughed. The doctor told him that was a good question and that noone should touch him there except his mom and dad. What a smart boy. As we were leaving the exam room Sid really started talking and the doctor commented to my husband how articulate Sidney is. Of course. That's my boy!