Friday, July 21, 2006

Hubby drove his cousin to Orlando yesterday so I didn't have to pick him up from work. That meant all I had in the world to do was pick up Sid and go home. As we walked in the door I asked him if he was hungry. All I wanted to hear was the first syllable of 'no' and I was headed upstairs. He wasn't, in fact, hungry so I laid out on my bed for the next two hours while he played with his cars on my bedroom floor. Even in my sleepy state I noticed he was getting bored. At one point I heard him say something about the computer (laptop) and then there were some struggling sounds as he lifted it from the counter and brought to his self-made play area. He turned it on, got in to the guest account and somehow found a program to type in. When he tired of that he found my digital camera and started taking pictures. I know that not only because the proof was in the camera after the fact, or because of the annoying beeping sound it made when he filled the card, but because of blinding flashes that I saw even with my eyelids closed.

I haven't yet checked my computer for signs of deleted files or moved programs, but I need to, although I'm not that worried. What a good boy, though! He let me sleep while he entertained himself.
Later that night he was laying next to me while his father took a shower. He started to rub my belly and out of the blue he asked me who was going to the hospital with me when the baby is being born. I told him his father. He asked, "Not me?" I told him I didn't know because they don't usually let children in there but that I would check. He said ok.