Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's a phase, right??

Sid doesn't seem to know when he needs to use the bathroom anymore until it's just about too late. Tuesday when I picked him up from school the front of his pants were wet - he didn't make to the bathroom in time. Wednesday his father got a school from the director saying that Sid was very upset that he peed in his pants again - he made it to the bathroom but the pee didn't make it to the toilet. Sid also said something about not wanting to go outside and play because he was embarassed. Hubby IM'd me and told me what happened. I packed up Shelby and zipped off to the daycare. I found Sid outside riding a bicycle. When I went up to him he told me that his pants were dry because he was riding the bike. Uhuh. I made him change into the dry clean clothes that I brought for him anyway. By the time we got home he practically ran to the front door telling me that he had to use the bathroom (he drank some water right before we left the school). Once again, he made it to the bathroom but the toilet was empty while the floor was wet. Poor baby was upset. His grandma happened to be around at that time and she told him it was ok, that accidents happen. Is this some sort of regression that he's going through or maybe a subconscious plea for attention??
Tuesday Sid was the last kid to be picked up from school. All the other kids were gone 20 minutes before I got there. The funny thing is that Sid told his teacher that "No one is picking me up so I have to play." Makes sense to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like both - regression because he's seeking more attention. poor kid.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! My first comment and it's about Sid's wet pants issue. I taught a little boy who was in Kindergarten at the time and he was frequently running to the washroom about every 5 mins the first few months of school. It was so frequent I thought he might have diabetes or something but after talking to a mother of 2 older kids was reassured that his bladder's growth hadn't caught up to the rest of him yet and that things would change within a few months. And it did change. He was able to hold his liquids longer. Maybe it's the same with Sid. You have beautiful kids! xo M.

4:29 PM  

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