Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today You Are 2

Happy Birthday to you, baby love.

2 years ago today, you were born. Actually, at this time two years ago I was home having contractions. What a day to remember...

It was a holiday - President's Day - so I took the opportunity to get up early and take my car to the dealership for them to fix some things. I started having contractions but didn't know that's what they were. By 6 pm I was doubled over every minute, literally. I called your daddy to come take me to the hospital so he rushed home from his voice lessons and off we went. Well, we tried to be off but I stopped a few times while trying to rush to the van. Oh, the van was a loaner from the dealership. How fitting that God would give us a van just in time to tote you and all your stuff around. Anyway, the nurses couldn't believe that it was your head they were feeling cause I was fully dilated and ready, oh so ready, to push you out. But we had to wait for the dr. Once in the delivery room he seemed to be taking his time until he realized you weren't waiting for him. So you were born during Joe Millionaire, about 8:25 pm. Not bad for, what, five contractions worth of pushing.

There's so much more to the story that I know I'll tell you later. Not for you to feel guilty, but just so you'll know.

You're 2 yrs old now. You're my little man. You're so amazing. Some things about you:
1. you have bright eyes
2. you have above average intelligence for a 2 yr old (what can I say? I'm biased)
3. you talked before you could walk (you could almost sing the whole alphabet before you turned 1)
4. you recently started telling me what not to tell you to do
5. you bang your head in the mattress to put yourself to sleep...
6. ...while singing
7. you're an excellent singer - better than a lot of choir members
8. you don't like plaintains
9. you know when you're tired and hungry
10. you tell me when things are too loud or too bright
11. you like to play games
12. you know how to be polite when you want to be
13. you go crazy when you see your sister (in a good way)
14. your father gives you crazy haircuts
15. you've been to Canada twice and Jamaica once (quite the traveler)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - all that and at only 2 years of age! aaaahh... i want a 'Sidney'!

just never stop teaching him new things, giving his little mind new/harder challenges he'll only keep adapting and grow up loving learning and knowledge!

now i'm curious, 'more to the story...'? ;-)

9:16 AM  

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