Monday, April 30, 2007

He's Learning

Sid is learning to read now. On the way to school this morning we were sounding out words and he was spelling them. I was so proud of him. He did an excellent job spelling 3-letter words like 'cat', 'pan', and 'mat'. He is such a sweetheart. A real boy. What does that mean? He's extremely rambunctious, he loves cars and always wants more cars, he enjoys watching car shows. Yesterday he packed a bag full of cars and two DVDs to take to his grandma's so he wouldn't be bored. Who told him to think ahead?? He asked me if he could bring some cars and I told him that would be a good idea. When we were ready to leave there he was with his grocery bag. What a funny sight. The two DVDs he chose to bring were "Thomas" and "Spiderman." We had some issues last night when we picked him up cause he and my mother were only halfway through watching Spiderman. She wanted to see the rest but Sid wanted to take it home. The DVD stayed and he left, but he was not happy about it at all. This morning he didn't remember anything about it but I bet he will tonight.


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