Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's a setup

I do declare, that's what it feels like; like I'm setting him up. Everytime I show Sid affection I think of how much he's going to get to like it and probably require it from his girlfriends in the future. Here are some things I do:
* kiss him on the neck - boy, do I love kissing on his neck, sour or not
* kiss him just about everywhere else
* suck on his toes - he really finds this amusing
* nibble various body parts, e.g. tummy, sides, thigh, back
* suck on his ear - that sometimes puts him to sleep

Hey, I'm not trying to be weird. I just figured that if those things feel nice to me (albeit for different reasons) they'll probably feel nice to someone else.


Sid has some phonics tapes that he listens to. He's been listening to them for at least a month now. Every day when we get in the car, "I wanna hear teacher," and, "I want my book." So, I put on the first tape and give him his book and off we go. Yesterday while we were driving home I heard him talking to himself. "C. C-c-cat. D. D-d-dog." He went on like this for a bit choosing random letters of the alphabet and saying their sounds. Just to check, I asked what about the letters he missed. As I named them, he repeated their sounds plus a word that starts with that letter. What a smart guy. They tell me at the daycare almost every day how smart he is and how blessed I am. They don't have to do much convincing cause I see it for myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it's good. he should know what it feels like to be taken care of and expect that and know how to give it too. that's one thing i loved about being with C., i loved taken care of him, it was/is a great feeling. and in turn, i liked when he did the same (although it's harder for me to let someone else take care of me.)

besides his obvious great genes and natural intelligence, it's great that, and shows how important it is for parents to really foster their kids abilities/learning. and they thrive!

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