Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Would You Believe?

This Sidney just walks around like he owns the place. I mean, he does, but still. Take tonight for example. I had just bathed him and turned around to get a clean diaper. He calls to me and I turn around I see him standing there...peeing on my bedroom carpet! To make matters worse, he stops for a second when he hears my reaction, takes a few steps forward, and finishes the job. I turn around and walk away and tell his father to get him ready for bed. He does, but he leaves the wet carpet for me. On a normal day I would have laughed at the scene (no, this isn't the first episode). But tonight I'm cranky, and tired, and I think I'm getting a cold. Poor babies who have to deal with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hee, hee. he's exerting (enforcing?) his authority.

Another (career) mom, similarly aged and also with a toddler (16 months).

12:16 AM  

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